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Welcome to Sainsbury's Area Information Guide

Connells Relocation Services have provided information on behalf of Sainsbury’s on the areas surrounding our two store support centres in Manchester and Coventry to assist you in your decision to make the move.

The site focuses on a number of commutable areas to both offices and we hope you will find the information within the website a useful tool to investigate what these areas have to offer. The site has been designed so that it can be accessed through your home computer via to enable both you and your family to have access to as much information as possible when considering relocating.

This site contains a wealth of information from mapping to amenity data, travel times, healthcare and much more. Education, housing, and transport are amongst the most important factors you may wish to consider and a range of information on each is provided. Once you’re in the site, select a topic from the main menu navigation tabs to view the information and services in more detail. There is also general information about buying, selling and renting a property to assist you as appropriate.

The Area Information Section will take you directly to specific information on each of the areas covered by the site. Select a location and then click on the Local Information option to access all the relevant data. The Transport section is designed to show the range of locations that are within a 60 minute commute of both Coventry and Manchester locations.

Our relocation policies have been developed to outline the support that Sainsbury’s will provide to colleagues impacted by the relocation of teams. The proposed relocation policies for both homeowners and non home owners are available for you to view on the Connect site – available from your work PC, or by typing ‘connect/2/sscteamrelocation’ into your browser.

The information provided in the website is designed to help you and we hope that you will find the guide an invaluable tool to assist you in your move.

Should you experience any technical problems when using this site, please contact Adrian Burton at HomeMatch via email at